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Technology is more critical to your company’s success than ever before! Cut the cord on your old copper-line telco or coaxial cable tv provider and get down to business at the speed-of-light with a future-proof fiber solution from GRUCom.


Networking Services

Data Center Services

Fiber Network

With hundreds of miles of fiber throughout Alachua County, and interconnections to locations around the world, GRUCom can serve all of your business’s internet and wide-area networking needs.


Whether you are a small start-up company or a large multi-site corporation, GRUCom has the capability to meet your bandwidth requirements.


Our network is trusted by the most respected, and largest, organizations in the area and is the backbone of all public safety radio communications in Alachua County.


The success of the local business community is important to us because we’re local too! Our team of sales, service, and support professionals, based right here in Gainesville, are dedicated to making sure your business receives fast, friendly, and reliable service.

Internet Services

GRUCom offers ultra-high-speed internet access options up to 10 Gbps through our reliable and secure all-fiber-optic network. Our scalable, high-speed solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Business Broadband

Get the business-class high-speed internet you need. GRUCom offers a flexible suite of affordable, all-fiber-optic solutions, with fixed speeds up to 1 Gbps. Go beyond the variable speeds offered by cable and DSL, and get connected to GRUCom’s always fast, all-fiber-optic network.


Support your business’s mission-critical and data-intensive applications with an SLA-backed high-performance optical internet connection. Trust GRUCom to carry your most critical communications over the Gainesville area’s most extensive ring-protected network, with symmetrical bandwidth options available up to 10 Gbps.

Wi Fi Solutions

GRUCom offers fast, reliable, and fully-managed Business WiFi services to provide your customers with a great experience, and to keep your employees connected. GRUCom delivers managed WiFi solutions for businesses both large and small. Let us improve your WiFi experience!

Networking Services

GRUCom has been providing fiber optic data transport and networking solutions to businesses thoughout Gainesville and Alachua County since 1995. Interconnect your multi-site business operations in Gainesville, or around the world, at speeds up to 10 Gbps. We maintain strategic partnerships and carrier interconnection arrangements with some of the nation’s top providers, so you can securely extend the reach of your business network when it matters most.


Today’s multi-site business operations require real-time digital data transmission with low latency, maximum uptime, and scalable bandwidth. GRUCom’s Ethernet Service is designed to support your success and provide your company with a secure, reliable, all-fiber-optic networking platform, with access speeds up to 10 Gbps, to help enable data growth, drive application performance, and allow collaboration across all of your business location – locally and beyond Alachua County.

Dark Fiber

GRUCom Dark Fiber is the ultimate high-capacity network solution for those who need unlimited bandwidth, complete service control, and total security. GRUCom offers dedicated point-to-point dark fiber connectivity, as well as customized, complex, multi-site dark fiber design options, leveraging our dense, local fiber footprint to provide your business with an unrivaled operating advantage.

Cloud Access

GRUCom Cloud Access provides a private, layer 2 Ethernet connection from your site to leading Cloud Service Providers via the Digital Realty Service Exchange. Regardless of where your mission critical IT cloud resources reside, your businesses can avoid the public internet and enjoy a secure virtual connection with reliable, consistent performance, low latency, and high throughput.

Data Center Services

Don’t travel for hours to other colocation facilities outside of North Central Florida, protect your data and securely store your business’s networking equipment in GRUCom’s colocation facility located in downtown Gainesville, Florida.


Our hardened, climate-controlled telecommunications facility provides a local, cost-effective alternative to out-of-town data centers, with private rack enclosures available in three size configurations, protected AC or DC power options, onsite standby power generation, and 24x7x365 card-controlled building access.


Ultra-high-capacity internet service with symetrical bandwidth up to 10 Gbps in a clean, hardened, secure operating environment. Perfect for reselling, hosting, remote access, and disaster recovery.


Enjoy direct connectivity to the GRUCom fiber-optic network, interconnections to third-party carriers, and transit to GRUCom POP (point of presence) locations at Digital Realty’s 56 Marietta Street data center in downtown Atlanta, or the Equinix MI1 data center in downtown Miami.